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Worcester-Bosch combination boilers are some of the country's leading combis in terms of efficiency, reliability and ease of use. Their combis have all been awarded A-rating status under the guidelines set by the SEDBUK ("Seasonal Efficiency in Domestic Boilers in the United Kingdom") as they are more than 90% efficient. Combis in general are far more efficient than conventional water-heating systems, which also require large water storage tanks. Combis, which eliminate the need for water tanks by heating water directly from the mains and on-demand, have risen in popularity due to the convenience in domestic environments and their energy-efficiency which can significantly cut energy bills and emissions of harmful gases such as CO2, NOx and SOx.

Worcester-Bosch offer a range of combi models that are gas and oil-fired. The gas-powered ones are: Greenstar CDi, Greenstar Si, Greenstar Junior and Greenstar Highflow. The oil-fired combis are: Greenstar Heatslave and the Greenstar Heatslave External. These different lines cater to the varying needs of consumers and their household's hot water and central heating requirements. The CDi model won the prestigious CORGI Boiler of the Year award in 2007 for its high-performance and high-efficiency dedication. The Worcester-Bosch combi models come in a choice of outputs which range from from 18W up to 42kW. They are manufactured using high-tech equipment and strict procedures as well as being tested to ensure reliability and durability. Furthermore, all Worcester-Bosch combis come with a two year warranty. Their combis are designed to be easy to use for all consumers and the in-built controls and options available in operating the boilers help to provide consumers with simple and convenient hot water and central heating systems.