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There are currently four individual ranges of combi boilers from Saunier Duval, each of which is highly efficient, is fitted with a quality stainless steel heat exchanger and comes with a 2 year parts warranty and a 1 year labour warranty.

The Thema range

There are two models of boiler within this range – the F24E and the F30E. The F24E is described as being suitable for a 1 bedroom flat/house while the larger model can easily service a 2 or 3 bedroom house. In addition, both models are A-rated for efficiency.


The ISOTWIN model has an inbuilt storage system that can deliver up to 200L of domestic hot water on demand. This means that this particular model from Saunier Duval is best suited to a large house with high hot water demands.


This high spec model from Saunier Duval is again suited to a large 4 bedroom house. Its major advantage though is that it has a 5 second hot water response for advanced performance and this can often save you money on both gas and water bills.

The Semia range

The Semia range of combi boilers is very similar in size and kW output to the Thema range described above – the only real difference being the efficiency rating. These models are B-rated, however, they are still highly efficient boilers.


There are plenty of options available from Saunier Duval when it comes to their combination ranges. The models are all stylish, easily installed and easily maintained and as each is a condensing boiler as well, they are especially good for those homes with large water bills.