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Ideal combination boilers or "combis" have numerous benefits to users. Different Ideal Combi models are ideal for small households where others can cater for the hot water needs in larger homes. Combis are particularly convenient as they dispense with the need for a hot water cylinder and a large cold water cistern which are required in conventional heating systems. Combination boilers are also highly efficient and can significantly reduce a home's energy use which reduces energy bills and minimises the emission of environmentally-harmful gasses.

Ideal offer a range of combis designed to suit consumer's varying needs, they are: Esprit HE, Isar HE, Excel HE and Mini HE. These models are all manufactured using practised procedures to ensure reliability and they are designed to be easy to install, maintain and operate. Their efficiency is also of utmost important and the Esprit and Isar are A-rated under the SEDBUK ("Seasonal Efficiency in Domestic Boilers in the United Kingdom") guidelines whereas the Excel and Mini models have B-ratings. Ideal Combi boilers come with a choice of maximum energy output which is selected on the basis of the hot water and central heating requirements of the user and the size of the household. The outputs range from 24 to 35kW which correspond to the varying flow rates desired by the user. The Ideal Combis are fitted with accessories to create a very user-friendly controlling system and numerous features allow the boilers to be easily installed and maintained.