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Greenstar 27CDi Reviews (Combi Condensing)

Our rating: 5/5thumbthumbthumbthumbthumb
Efficiency rating: 90.3%*A Rating
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Worcester-Bosch Greenstar 27CDi

The Greenstar 27CDi is one of a range of highly energy efficient – over 90% efficient on average – condensing combination boilers available from Worcester-Bosch. A combination boiler system does not store hot water in a hot water storage cylinder but rather heats water directly from the cold mains supply. This means that there is no requirement for a cold water storage tank in your loft or any associated plumbing.

The Worcester-Bosch Greenstar 27CDi is, nevertheless, at least 10% more efficient than a conventional boiler of equivalent output and features a "keep hot" facility – which maintains a constant temperature in the primary heat cell – so that hot water is instantly available. Alternatively the Greenstar 27CDi can be operated in "eco" model; this heats water from cold as and when required so requires a little longer for water to reach the desired temperature.

The specification of the Worcester-Bosch Greenstar 27CDi includes the following features:

  • 27kW DHW ("Domestic Hot Water") output
  • SEDBUK "A" rated for energy efficiency at 90.3%
  • Fully condensing in DHW and CH ("Central Heating") mode for additional fuel savings
  • Choice of "keep hot" or "eco" heating modes
  • Sophisticated boiler management and temperature control in DHW and CH modes
  • Environmentally friendly with low emissions of CO2 and NOx
  • Robust cast aluminium and silicon heat cell
  • Multi-directional fluing system, combined ignition and control board, for easy and flexible installation options
  • Available in natural gas and LPG ("Liquified Petroleum Gas") models

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