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Esprit HE Reviews (Combi Condensing)

Our rating: 4/5thumbthumbthumbthumbthumb
Efficiency rating: 90.2%*A Rating
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Ideal Esprit HE

The Ideal Esprit HE is a SEDBUK A rated combination boiler, and offers top-of-the-range efficiency and quality. Offering three separate models, each with a different output, there Ideal Espirit HE is suitable for nearly all domestic situations. The flue is centrally positioned and telescopic, and works well with the preformed copper connections which are situated at pipe clip distance from the wall, together with the pre-fitted electrical lead. These features come as standard, and make it much simpler to install the combination boiler.

Although large, the Ideal Espirit HE is not a "clunky" looking boiler in appearance, with rounded edges and a clean white case. The controls are a good size and user-friendly, and take up the lower quarter of the face plate of the Ideal Espirit HE, with a flap to conceal them when not in use. These controls alter the system at a touch of a button, and are available in all of the three models in the Ideal Espirit HE range, and there are several pre-programmed settings available to quickly change the output of the boiler as well as maintain the highest possible energy efficiency for the current usage.

  • SEDBUK Class A in Energy Efficiency
  • Choice of three models available with varied outputs to suit any home size
  • Lower terminal clearances allow for a more flexible sitting area
  • Boiler frost protection
  • 10 year parts warranty on the heat exchanger
  • 2 years manufacturers parts and labour warranty
  • Fully modulated operation allows it to be more efficient
  • Easy to use controls and display with touch of a button pre-programmed settings
  • Efficient cast aluminium-silicone heat exchanger
  • Daily pump exercise helps prevent breakdowns
  • Insulated casing makes it less noisy and keeps the casing from becoming hot

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