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Compact Reviews (Combi Non-Condensing)

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Efficiency rating: 80.0%*D Rating
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Heatline Compact

The Heatline Compact is a combination boiler that is an excellent way of producing hot water in the domestic setting, whilst not taking up a huge amount of space. The Heatline Compact is highly efficient and therefore achieves a rating from SEDBUK. Heatline are a company that has been producing high quality boilers for around 50 years. The Heatline Compact is very simple to use with a well designed control system. It can be timed on a 24 hour clock and can produce very hot water.

This particular boiler is over 90% efficient and gives a maximum temperature of over 85 degrees. A highly efficient boiler is good for reducing the cost of heating. The Heatline Compact benefits from being light and easy to install and also has the advantage of having easy to understand diagnostics should anything go wrong. The boiler can be used in conjunction with under-floor heating and this is very easy to achieve. Further details about the Heatline Compact boiler are listed below

• Lightweight and compact design as well as attractive silver finish. • Aluminium coated heat exchanger improves efficiency. • Can be used with under floor heating systems. • Has a full safety system as well as frost protection. • Heatline has high quality customer service and telephone advice. • Easy to understand diagnostics if there is a fault. • Available in two outputs (S24 and S30) with different wattage. • Highly efficient (well over 90%) and rated by SEDBUK (D rating). • Two year guarantee.

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