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Ace HE Reviews (Combi Condensing)

Our rating: 4/5thumbthumbthumbthumbthumb
Efficiency rating: 90.1%*A Rating
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Halstead Ace HE

The Halstead Ace HE is a high specification combi boiler which offers consistent delivery speeds of water and the best in central heating reliability and performance. Its rate of hot water flow can go up to 14.7L a minute which will allow you to fill hot baths in only a few minutes!

The Halstead Ace HE possesses strong technological innovation - as a superior model it has a solid heat exchanger made from stainless steel and a highly efficient burner system which means that you'll always get consistent central heating and hot water even when you're using it to the minimum.

Accordingly, it's rated 'Alpha' from the Sedbuk grading system and it is compact and sleek in design making it a discreet and unwieldy addition to the kitchen and taking up only minimal space! It can also be located flexibly as there are a wide range of flueing kits available, which mean the boiler can be situated in the place that suits the family. It also has easy wiring and simple plumbing/maintenance points, which make it very easy to both install and service.

Like all high efficiency boilers, the Halstead Ace HE is able to lower fuel bills as well as reducing the home's CO2 emissions - something of increasing interest to environmentally friendly customers.

Product Specifications
  • highly efficient gas combination boiler
  • Sedbuk rated A, for maximum reliability and productivity
  • digital controls for ease of use
  • Offers anti-seize pump and frost protection, for reliable use through winter.
  • Lightweight at 42kgs and easy to fix to the wall with a bracket
  • Easy to plumb
  • Wide range of flue kits for flexible siting.

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