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Domi Compact Combi Boiler Reviews (Combi Condensing)

Our rating: 4/5thumbthumbthumbthumbthumb
Efficiency rating: 87.0%*B Rating
Average householder rating: 1/5
Average installer rating: Not yet rated. Use the “comments & reviews” section below to be the first!

Ferolli Domi Compact Combi Boiler

Ferolli offer a huge range of products for use in both commercial and domestic installations. 50 years of experience have enabled Ferolli to become one of the leading manufacturers of domestic boilers, currently providing 14 boilers of differing specifications depending on the requirements.

The combination boiler range at Ferroli is impressive and is strengthened by the popular Ferroli Domi Compact Combi Range providing excellent value for money without scrimping on performance.

The Ferroli Domi Compact Combination Boiler is an exceptionally efficient unit which utilises two heat exchangers to extract more sensible heat from the flue gases. This high efficiency level raises the performance of the boiler by making the most of the available gas.

A unique twin pass copper heat exchanger is also used to increase heat transfer without the requirement for any diverter valves. This produces a unit with fewer components therefore less that can go wrong.

The Ferolli Domi Compact Combi Boilers feature a frost thermostat to provide full anti frost protection. This feature is engaged if the water temperature falls below +5°C. When the water temperature reaches this level the boiler will fire heating the water until it reaches +15°C. This feature remains active as long as the boiler is powered and capable of receiving gas input.

  • 12.9kW – 31.7kW output
  • Compact form factor
  • SEDBUK rating of D
  • Highly efficient providing excellent savings on utility charges
  • Unique twin pass heat exchangers for great performance
  • Anti seize device for added piece of mind
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty included as standard

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Comments & reviews

By sean on 12 Jan 15
Householder rating

AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID. told £100 for a valve replacement. four years old and leaked all the time. heat exchanger blow the water over the electronics. was told by Ferroli they don't last. they're agent installed it, they said not under warrenty they're agent came to look at it when it stopped working, they said as they had not sent them, nothing to do with ferroli. they have the worst customer service, complaint handling I've come across. avoid them at all costs. failed after 4 years. ask google and it says expect a boiler to last 12 - 15 years or more

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